Cost-Effective CBRN Security for Communities and Critical Facilities

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RadWatch Products™

RadWatch products feature networks of static and/or mobile Detection Units with TAGS Radiological Sensors to provide a Gamma Radiation Surveillance Network over a protected facility, area or community.
Systems include real-time determination of illicit versus medical sources of radioactivity, directed alarming and a radiological situational awareness Graphical User Interface.

Airport RadWatch

Bomb RadWatch

Community RadWatch

Facility RadWatch

Marine RadWatch

Oil Facility RadWatch

Portable RadWatch

Traffic RadWatch

TransitGate RadWatch

Marine RadWatch

Marine RadWatch is comprised of Mobile and Static Detection Units (DUs) with TAGS Radiological Sensors deployed together to form a dynamic TAGS Radiological Surveillance Network over a Marine environment.

Static DUs and sensors are positioned in covert locations within a Port or on buoys to provide targeted surveillance of areas, stationary assets and entry/exit points.

Mobile DUs and sensors are mounted on vessels or land vehicles to provide mobile and redeployable dynamic surveillance of both the land and water areas.

Cut Sheet:
Marine RadWatch (130K PDF)