Cost-Effective CBRN Security for Communities and Critical Facilities

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12612 Hwy 50, Unit 8
Bolton, Ontario
L7E 1T6

Phone: 647-705-8744
DR. ROBERT MCFADDEN is the CEO of Mobile Detect Inc., and a founder.

Immediately after 9/11 he was the reporting member of the DND (Department of National Defence) / Health Canada Workshop on Radiological and Nuclear Counter-Terrorism. He originated and leads DND CRTI projects CRTI 0105TA and CRTI 03-0018TD, two innovative radiological counter-terrorism security system developments. Dr. McFadden has spoken often in Canada and the United States on protection from the threat of Radiological Terrorism.

Dr. McFadden has 25 years private and public sector experience in radiological and nuclear counter-terrorism, radiation safety, radiation measurements, interpretation of measurements, and legal interpretation of radiation safety standards. He is an expert in the adverse human health effects of radiation (emphasizing vulnerable child and female sub-populations), and occupational radiation safety.
CHRIS CLARKE is the President of Mobile Detect Inc, and a founder.

Prior to founding Mobile Detect in 2004, he provided business and engineering consulting to Dr. McFadden. From 1999 to 2003, Mr. Clarke was Managing Director of Egan TeamBoard Inc., a Canadian technology firm that invented, developed and manufactured computer peripheral audio-visual equipment. He was a Design Engineer consultant to Royal Bank of Canada, a Software Engineer consultant to Bell Sygma (now CGI), and a Software Analyst at Alcatel Canada.

Mr. Clarke is a graduate of Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He has engineering expertise in intelligent systems, and real-time human-machine and human-software interfaces.